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Have you been feeling depressed, stressed-out, troubled or anxious lately? You are not alone. No matter what the causes are, with the right counselling and psychotherapy approach from a certified professional, you can regain control of your thoughts and emotions.


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What we do

Professional Counselling Services in Singapore

Emotional Wellness Counselling Singapore provides professional and effective therapy services for individuals and couples in a cosy and relaxing setting. A counselling centre located conveniently at Orchard Road, our counsellor specialises in adopting integrative evidence-based techniques such as EMDR, schema therapy, gestalt and bibliotherapy to help free you from emotional distress.

Cosy counselling room to provide a safe space for client

Counselling & Therapy Services

We provide the following counselling services in both English and Mandarin:

Mental Health Issues


  • Youth counselling
  • Child
  • Career or work-related (poor work performance, retrenchment)
  • Grief
  • Marriage counselling or couples therapy
  • Relationship counselling (conflicts, compatibility)
  • Exam stress

Therapy Programs

  • RENEW program
  • Coaching/Personal empowerment
  • Bounce back from failure
  • Self-worth discovery
  • Healing of past hurts

If you need to book a session urgently with our professional counsellor, please WhatsApp Ms Carol Goh at our helpline +65 98324947.

Our Counsellor

Our certified counselor and psychotherapist has over 18 years of experience providing counselling in Singapore and can equip you in regaining emotional control. With refreshed insights, you will begin to see yourself in a brand-new light and learn to love and accept who you truly are. Life can start anew right here…

Set yourself free. And find your new life today!

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy and Counselling Techniques


The RENEW program is a holistic program developed in-house that goes beyond just providing temporary relief to any emotional issues you may suffer from. It involves applying the relevant psychotherapy techniques to recreate your inner beliefs; and filling your life with positive inertia stemming from your true self and unrealised potential.



EMDR is a therapeutic technique that is often used to treat people who have experienced trauma. It helps to address the causes of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and mood swings. EMDR is one of the most effective techniques for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Schema therapy

Schema therapy is used to identify life traps. In the safe environment of the counselling centre or through online therapy, the certified therapist will speak up to the perpetrators to give the victims a voice that they had lacked previously when they could not defend themselves. Schema therapy is often done via visualisation.



Bibliotherapy involves using books to help you gain more insight into life issues from the perspectives of different authors.



Mindfulness helps to condition the mind to experience calmness amid adversity. This method is proven to help the mind stay focused in the present moment rather than allowing the mind to ruminate freely into the past or future events that may fuel anxiety.


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) attempts to understand your irrational thoughts and helps you reframe them to open channels of new thoughts and beliefs.

Exposure response prevention (ERP) is a type of behaviour therapy that intentionally and gradually exposes a person to uncomfortable situations. Through constant exposure, you would be able to face your fears and overcome them.

Understanding emotional issues and treatment

Please click the link below if you would like to read our articles on emotional issues and therapy.


Sasha Fung
I brought my children, both of whom have high IQ but were skeptical and facing emotional issues, to see Carol several years ago. Our issues morphed as my children grew from big kids to young adults. Throughout all these years, Carol was able to understand our situations, helped us to work through our own biases and all of us to really understand one another so much better. She is sincerely caring, is very effective and has played a critical role in helping us achieve our contentment quotient!
Clara Lee
Carol has been extremely kind, empathetic and professional throughout the whole process. Although I’ve only managed to attend a few sessions, her methods have really helped me to better cope with my struggles and shift my mindset. I realised a lot of root causes stem from unresolved childhood traumas, and Carol has worked patiently with me to rationalise my thoughts and overcome them. Thank you Carol for all your encouragement and help!
Christina Chua
It has a cozy, homely, non threatening and inviting ambience. The therapist, Carol is very warm, caring, perceptive and sensitive and is able to put people at ease. I was able to overcome some of the traumatic incidents that I had deliberately tried to forget, through her therapy sessions
elena ivankova
Carol really knows what she is doing. She addressed my issue with anxiety, low self-esteem and anger. Also, She helped me understand what had happened to me. Now I feel equipped to do things differently. Working with Carol was the most valuable of my life.
Nancy Tandela
Carol's counselling sessions focus on healing client's issues and traumas which often results in depression, anxiety and panic attack. Her passion to help clients lead her to acquiring broad knowledge and techniques such as EMDR, Schema and Gestalt therapy to cater to clients' needs. As someone she supervised, am grateful to learn tremendous tools and gain support from her. She generously shared her knowledge and help me analyze client cases n introduce effectice strategies.
W Kay
As a professional counselor, Carol does not take presenting issues (such as depression, anxiety, anger, etc...) on face value but pays careful attention to the past, to identify root causes. She is sharp and focused in analysing every life story, identifying root traumas and negative cognition, and is skilful in strategizing appropriate processing techniques (such as Gestalt, Schema, EMDR therapy, etc...) for the best outcome. Carol is very encouraging and affirming, and sincerely passionate about helping people break free from emotional pains of their past and starting life anew.
Ruth Tay
I thank Carol for being patient with me as I learnt to give Carol a chance and trust her with her expertise. Before meeting Carol, I had sought therapy from other counsellors. However, their methods were unhelpful. Others skirted around the traumas when they finally surfaced and also gave me the impression that they were more interested to earn my money than to prioritize my well-being and see it healed. Hence, meeting Carol has been a huge relief for me as I am grateful to finally meet a counsellor who believes in resolving traumas at their roots and actually does it. Carol is truly sincere about seeing my emotional and psychological well-being healed and prosper and I appreciate her professionalism and sincerity. Carol is trustworthy, saying what she means and means what she says. Since April this year, I started going to Carol for therapy as I was struggling with PTSD with dissociation. It is currently June and I am grateful for the progress that I am making thus far where I see myself dissociate less, grow in perseverance, experience my thought process transformed from negative to positive, and become more empowered to confront the traumas that have affected me since childhood. Carol is very positive, gentle, encouraging, and determined to help me to resolve the traumas at their roots. During our sessions together, Carol mainly uses Schema, a therapy technique that she believes in strongly, and EMDR to address the traumas that surface and we persistently tackle the traumas that surface at the roots till they are resolved. As we resolve these traumas together, I am also grateful that Carol helps me, as a young adult, to see situations in life from both a positive and a mature perspective. Personally, confronting these traumas has been a messy yet fulfilling journey for me as I learn to face my “giants” and I realise that I am victorious when they are finally resolved. I am excited to come off medication and come out the other side healed, empowered, with a healthy and positive perspective of life, and be at peace with myself. If you are reading this and thinking of resolving your traumas, other complex emotional or psychological issues, know that it can be a complex and painful journey yet in the long haul it is very rewarding and fulfilling as you finally break free from past traumas that have held you captive and in bondage for a long time. I recommend that you visit Carol and allow her to journey alongside you through your healing process just as Carol has been journeying with me through mine :) Carol’s office is bright and filled with positive images and messages around, making me feel comfortable and comforted whenever I’m there. Photos of her office have been attached below for your reference.
Syaza runrunrun
My main concern before this was to handle my depression and constant anxiety that I have. After the first session, I realised a lot of things regarding my anxiety and depression. For example, the root cause of it, how do I tackle the issue bit by bit. She used EMDR therapy on me. After 6 sessions with her, I realised how much I have grown as a person, how much more empathetic I have become compared to last time. My perspective of how relationships should be has matured and the way I counter my emotions now are much more under control. I have become more loving towards myself, prioritising myself at the same time still keeping same the loving and caring person I am. I have already told a lot of my friends who I think would benefit from this counselling and I have said many positive things about it but one of the points that I mentioned the most was that after every session, it leaves me feeling fresher, letting me reflect on myself without feeling afraid that my anxiety is taking over me and it is very eye-opening.
sy 2022
During counselling session, Carol gave me valuable advice and helped me to overcome my grief over the loss of my mother. Carol made me feel that there is still love in this world. This love made me open my heart to accept the world, to accept my situation to face it and confront it! I am sincerely thankful to counselor Carol. She is caring, compassion and skillful. I would strongly recommend anyone who facing any psychological issue to look for counselor Carol. Thank you.
Z Sim
I only had a few session with Carol but I've learnt a lot from my time with her and was able to appreciate the different perspectives that she helped me see. I liked that she doesn't beat around the bush or sugar coat things, and despite that, confiding in Carol has been nothing short of a pleasant and uplifting experience. I am very comfortable in my session with her as she is empathetic and really helps me to rationalize through some of my issues much better than if I were to do it alone. I used to think that therapy was only for people with mental illnesses, but I was nudged forward to talk to a professional for a personal life problem, and now I have a much deeper clarity on how to overcome and tackle it. Thanks Carol for all your advice and help!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you see a therapist or counsellor?

Generally, if something is interfering with your day-to-day life and causes you emotional distress, it may be time to consider seeking professional help. Some other signs include changes in sleeping habits, the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms, social withdrawal and a change in mood. However, therapy and professional counselling in Singapore can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of whether you have a documented mental health illness or not.

How long would an individual need to go for counselling services or therapy?

The number of sessions recommended for each individual varies based on the severity of the condition and treatment type. Typically, a majority of psychotherapy patients in Singapore report feeling better after approximately 3 to 4 months of seeing a certified counsellor. Some patients may prefer to continue their treatment long-term (for example, weekly sessions for a period of 6 months) to achieve their personal goals.

What makes Emotional Wellness different from other certified counsellors and therapists?

Here at Emotional Wellness, we offer counselling services in Singapore that adopt psychotherapy techniques such as EMDR, schema therapy, bibliotherapy and more. These techniques are used to treat the root cause of the issues that our clients are facing and to resolve them so they can find peace. Our certified counsellor and psychotherapist has over 18 years of experience providing effective professional counselling to individuals from all walks of life. We offer a suite of various therapy services – from stress to anxiety counselling.

How much does therapy or counselling services in Singapore typically cost?

The cost for attending therapy largely depends on the centre’s rates. Typically, certified counsellors and therapists with more experience under their belt may charge more for their counselling services. On average, therapy or counselling rates can range from S$100 to S$240 per hour session, depending whether it is individual or couple therapy. For more information on Emotional Wellness’ rates, feel free to drop us a message.

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