Last updated on 17 March, 2023

Counsellor and Therapist in Emotional Wellness Counselling Singapore

Carol Goh

Professional counsellor, therapist, and coach in Singapore

With over 18 years of counselling and therapy experience under my belt, I have provided professional counselling services for youths, adolescents, adults, expats, couples and families. I specialise in uncovering the root cause of presenting issues, facilitating growth from the ‘inside out’, that is, facilitating inner change leading to outer change by focusing on the ‘root cause’.

I have worked with diverse segments of clients ranging from those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, self-harm, eating disorder, to anger issues. I have also worked with many married couples facing marital and relationship issues. Having successfully helped many of my clients to recovery and regain mental wellness, the key lies in identifying some common core debilitating sources that are fueling such behavioural issues.

As a psychotherapist I believe problems must be worked through therapeutic healing of the inner self or else they remain forever a barrier to living an effective and successful life. Through non-judgemental approach I want to know your story and life challenges and eventually work towards helping you to feel empowered. 

Picture of Ms Carol Goh, counsellor and therapist in Singapore

Counselling Approaches

I adopt a holistic evidence based counselling approach in order to help clients get well. In the counselling and psychotherapy sessions, I will apply both cognitive education and emotional healing. My approach involves:

  • Uncovering the root cause of presenting issues, facilitating growth from the ‘inside out’, that is, facilitating inner change leading to outer change by focusing on the ‘root cause’
  • Using experiential techniques to bring about emotional healing of past hurts
  • Work on influencing the subconscious to bring about lasting changes

Evidence-based Psychotherapy Techniques Used

I use a repertoire of basic and advanced counselling and psychotherapy techniques and approaches tailored to each individual client’s issues and needs:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing) – Master level
- A technique effective in treating trauma, depression, anger, anxiety and stress
- I am the founding member of EMDR Association Singapore

Schema therapy – experiential technique effective for rejection and abandonment issues
- Effective for borderline personality disorder
- Effective when rational thinking or cognitive therapies fail

- To draw lessons from leaders in the respective industry
- To gain different perspectives from other people

Gestalt or empty chair technique
- To work on unfinished issue that clients find difficult in letting go
- Use of dialogue to facilitate free expressions of inner feelings

Inner child healing
- To revisit hurts in childhood to heal

- A powerful tool to re-script the visuals in our mind

I read extensively and will recommend suitable resources such as books and websites to clients to further enhance their process of healing through self-realization and self-awareness.


- Masters in Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia
- National University of Singapore (B.Sc)

- Fluent and able to conduct counselling in English and Mandarin


  • Corporate experience in co-founding an award-winning marketing research consulting company in Singapore
  • Started private counselling practice for the past 18 years
  • Associate counsellor at a local poly for the past 10 years
  • Associate counsellor at an art school for the past 13 years
  • Associate lecturer at private schools on counselling skills
  • Counselled over 1,000 clients ranges from students to adults of all ages
  • Conducted workshop and seminars at private companies, schools, higher tertiary education (click here for past workshops and seminars)


- If you do need medication to help with your symptoms
- I will work with the psychiatrist to manage your medication

Psychologist specializing in special needs
- For autism, Asperger
- To work on teaching skills for optimum daily functioning
- To teach parents skills to manage their children’s daily functioning

Educational psychologist for assessment
- For dyslexia, Autism and IQ assessment

Corporate Workshops and Talks

I have conducted several workshops and talks related to various mental health issues:

- Building resilience in workplace
- Overcoming stress
- Acquire EQ in the workplace
- All you need to know about depression, suicide and intervention
- Beat pessimism with optimism
- Anger management
- Effective time management
- Acting out or calling for help
- Teenage rebellion
- Building resilience in children