Workshop & Seminar Topics

Corporate talks:

  • Cultivating a success mindset
  • Conflict management at workplace
  • Striking a win-win situation at the workplace
  • Cultivating resilient mind to succeed at the workplace
  • Enhancing positive relationship at the workplace
  • Acquire skills of effective time management
  • Acquire EQ in the workplace
  • Building self-confidence to achieve success in workplace
  • Beat pessimism with optimism
  • Basic and intermediate counselling skills (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Setting boundaries

Mental health topics:

  • Understanding depression and prevention
  • Well paid, well dressed, stressed, depressed
  • Stress management
  • Assertiveness training
  • How to build healthy self esteem
  • Putting anger behind you
  • Understanding anxiety and overcoming it
  • Managing your emotions before they manage you
  • Making peace with one another: non-violence communication
  • Covid - “Feeling a sense of languishing” and how to walk out of it


  • Rebellion teen: acting out or call for help
  • Engaging adolescents
  • Raising children with resilience

* Talks can be customised to be an hour lunch time talk or half- or full-day workshop.