Family Counseling and Therapy Services in Singapore

By Carol Goh  |  Published on 25 March, 2023

Parents in conflict and in need of family counselling


Living in a compact nucleus family unit within a demanding modern society in Singapore, many families are experiencing family issues due to internal or external factors such as work-related stress, financial problems, parenting issues, or even relationship conflicts. If such issues are not adequately addressed, it could lead to undesirable consequences that could destroy a blissful family. Past research has suggested that family therapy can help family members develop better coping skills and improved communication techniques, leading to more successful outcomes.

When is family therapy needed?

Family counselling and therapy services provided by Emotional Wellness Counselling Singapore helps families work together to identify, understand and address domestic issues within the family.  Families in Singapore are going through stresses not seen before with the excessive demand on both parents and children. The focus is not just on the family as a whole, we attempt to identify the stresses faced by each individual members of the family which potentially affect the family dynamics. We provide counselling for couple therapy on their relationship issues followed by individual counselling for young children and teens or adult children separately. We employ holistic approach looking at individual's mental, emotional or behavioural issues by understanding each member's story that may stretch way back to unresolved childhood traumas. Family therapy offers insights into how one's personal issues affect the entire family dynamics. Therapy also includes blended family issues. 

Common signs that indicate a need for professional help include frequent arguments between parents or siblings, lack of communication between family members, feelings of being overwhelmed by familial responsibilities, anxiety related to upcoming life events or struggles with mental health conditions such as depression or substance abuse. 

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our family counsellor, Ms Carol Goh, at +65 98324947 to book an appointment. We offer a safe space to talk it out to address the issues each individual of the family faces.

In addition to providing guidance on proper communication techniques and conflict resolution tactics, a skilled therapist can offer practical advice about how best to manage daily stresses like financial woes or educational concerns. Through this comprehensive approach, every member of the family can gain insight into their own behavior patterns so they can modify their actions accordingly and cultivate healthier relationships both within their immediate circle and outside of it.

How our family counselling works

At Emotional Wellness Counselling Singapore, we offer a range of individual and group sessions for couples and families. Our experienced family therapist provides the necessary support to help individuals and families work through their issues together. In the initial assessment, we identify areas that require attention and develop an appropriate plan of action tailored to each client's needs.

During our counselling sessions, our counsellor focus on understanding the dynamics within a family unit or couple relationship while exploring various solutions that can lead to positive changes in behaviour. During the family therapy, we explore how past experiences have shaped the present situation and look at ways of creating healthier relationships between those involved.

It is important for clients seeking family counseling & therapy services to know that strict protocols are followed in order to maintain confidentiality at all times throughout their therapeutic journey. This level of security helps create an environment where everyone feels safe enough to open up and discuss difficult issues without fear of judgement or breach of trust, thus allowing progress towards meaningful change and personal growth.

Benefits & Outcomes of Family Therapy

Family therapy and counselling can be an absolute life-saver for many families who are struggling to resolve conflict, improve communication, and make meaningful connections within the family. Here we list some benefits that come with seeking out help through family therapy:

  1. Strengthened relationships: Through family counselling, members learn how to support one another especially when they have gone through traumatic life experiences. Therapy works in a way to help each member to better understand one another to minimise misunderstandings.
  2. Improved mental health: Counselling helps both adults and children how to cope with stress and regulate emotions which leads to improved overall mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Improved communication skills: Our therapist will help each individual in the family understand their ways of communicating with each other and to know how to communicate more effectively that can get the message across in a non threatening and confrontational manner.
  4. Enhanced problem solving skills: When working together in therapy sessions, families develop negotiation and compromise strategies to solve problems which they can apply outside their home environment too when faced with challenges.

How should you prepare for family therapy

First and foremost, mental health professionals suggest that families commit to attending all scheduled appointments with their counsellors. In order to make changes within the family, consistency is essential; missing too many family therapy sessions may impede progress towards desired outcomes. Furthermore, families can also come prepared with an open mindset and be willing to discuss any issues they may have been avoiding or disregarding prior to seeking therapy and counselling in Singapore. Developing an understanding ahead of time about expectations during therapy can also help smooth out conversations between both parties.

It is also beneficial for members of the family to recognize that change does not happen overnight; rather than expecting immediate results after just one session, families should instead look forward to making gradual improvements over time through continued commitment and effort put into completing any ‘homework’ assignments given by therapists. Additionally, although individual goals may vary among different members of the same family, teamwork is paramount when engaging in these activities outside of regular appointment times – this ensures everyone involved gets support from those close around them while working towards fulfilling common objectives set jointly with their therapist at the outset of treatment.

Our family counsellor and therapist in Singapore

Carol Goh, our family counsellor in Singapore, has experience working with a wide spectrum of client and has counselled more than 1,000 clients since she started her counselling journey in 2005. She has more than 18 years of practice in counselling with experience in providing individuals and families with the help needed. In addition, she specialises in using psychotherapy to treat clients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and many more. We utilise evidence-based therapy using techniques such as EMDR, role-play, Gestalt, visualisation, bibliotherapy, etc... to help resolve personal and family issues. Make an appointment today to get help. We serve both local and international clientele.