Stress Counselling Services in Singapore

By Carol Goh  |  Published on 25 March, 2023

Office woman in stress requiring counselling


Stress is a major problem facing many individuals in Singapore today. According to a survey conducted in 2022 by Rakuten Insight, 86% of adults in Singapore suffer from stress (compared with global average of 82%), with the highest incidence among the Gen Z population (95%). As stress can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, the need for effective stress counselling services has never been greater.

What is stress?

Stress is a common reaction to the pressures of life, and it can manifest in various ways. There are numerous sources of stress, from work-related issues to family obligations and more. Stress triggers vary person by person depending on one's individual circumstances, but some universal factors include time management challenges, financial difficulties, health concerns, relationship problems, and major life changes such as moving house or job loss. Additionally, environmental changes such as weather shifts may create tension in people who have difficulty adapting to sudden change.

Depending on individuals, it is possible to manage stressful events without becoming overwhelmed if certain techniques are employed. Coping mechanisms such as relaxation exercises, physical activity, engaging hobbies and forming healthy relationships may help individuals remain levelheaded when faced with difficult situations.

However, when you find yourself being constantly overwhelmed by stress and as a result, you notice your health, relationship with your loved ones, and performances be it at work or in school are going downhill, then it is time you should seek professional counselling assistance.

When to seek professional counselling help?

To assess if you need to find a counsellor or a therapist, please look at the following symptoms and identify which ones apply to you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with fear and worry
  • Having frequent headaches, sleep disorder, chest pain, fatigue, or colds
  • Not able to meet expectations at work or at home
  • Facing a difficult trial – relationship at risk, failing at major task such as exams, job
  • Fearing the worst may happen
  • Fearing dire consequences
  • Have struggle to pass your day
  • Having quick tempers, anger, or easily irritable
  • Mental block and emotional block
  • At a loss
  • Lack confidence

If you are currently encountering at least three of the above symptoms of stress, it is time you need to make an appointment and seek help from a professional counsellor in a safe space. Emotional Wellness Counselling Singapore provides professional counselling services for those suffering from having too much stress at once. For immediate assistance, please WhatsApp our stress counsellor, Ms Carol Goh, at +65 98324947.

Stress management through counselling therapy

The process of counseling encourages individuals like you to explore your thoughts and feelings in order to gain insight into areas that are causing distress. Our experienced stress therapist will first help you to identify the stress triggers. Using different psychotherapy techniques, our therapist will focus on understanding how your past experiences have shaped your current psychological state.

By becoming more aware of your conditions and thought processes, this will allow you to make better decisions regarding how you choose to respond to difficult situations. As a result, this leads to improved mental wellness and increase your level of resilience dealing with stressors.

We will also assist you in utilising effective coping strategies and tools that support positive lifestyle changes. Additionally, these strategies can be used not only during times of crisis but also throughout everyday life so that you will be able to build resilience towards future challenges.

Our counselor is trained to provide non-judgmental support, while helping clients identify their underlying causes of stress, develop strategies to cope, and build resilience. We offer personalized therapy tailored to each individual’s needs and challenges. Through this process, you will gain insight into how you think and behave, allowing you to make meaningful changes in order to better manage your stress levels.

How to make an appointment with our stress counsellor

Making an appointment with our counselling centre is a necessary step in the process of stress counseling services in Singapore. Please click here to make an appointment and we will get in touch with you soon. If you require immediate assistance, please WhatsApp our counsellor, Ms Carol Goh, at +65 98324947.

No matter how big or small your problem may seem, reaching out and asking for assistance can be life changing - so don’t hesitate to take the first step!